I kind of guessed that my time in Taiwan would be an important moment in my creative journey.

I threw the word out to my brother Umibozu_ that I would be in Taiwan. He talked his company into flying him out for a biz trip. Our other friend Novarideout came along and the conversations commenced: Over a couple of beers late at night in a Family Mart we talked about the future, the global reality, living as wanderers, and visual cultures. I find it incredible that we were able to co-ordinate our journeys to meet up in a different country at a specific time and place down to the minute. We were lucky to get shown around by our local friend Green__yang and together we shot the streets near Longshan Temple.

While in the country I met a number of incredible people, friends from a publishing house in the literary quarter, the illustrious Elixiao0704, and my photography senpai Seanmarclee, who dropped some street insight. I invited others to come to Taipei, to join this moment, but of course not everyone could make it; life and schedules gets in the way. But there is something about those of us who were there.

Drop everything and go is one of my operative phrases and I think it is important to keep it in mind. There is no time like right now. Late at night on the Hanzomon subway in Tokyo you might hear the announcement “This is the last train. Please do not miss this train.”
I sometimes l think life is like this, but you don’t get to hear the damn message.